Valentine’s Day Flowers – A Guy’s Guide

Even though giving flowers is one the best ways for a man to make a lasting impression on a woman, it still remains a mystery to most men.  Don’t worry we are here to help and supply you with some guidance on choosing the right flowers for your sweetheart! Send the right message to that special person in your life! The New …

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Flowers and Fashion – Hearty Holiday Hues

You’re stylish and in the know, and you’ve got the holiday spirit. So wouldn’t you like to know what’s trending in color for this year’s holiday season? Flowers and fashion color trends tend to go hand in hand so we always look to what is trending in fashion to incorporate those colors into our flower …

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Tips for Corporate gift giving

Sometimes corporate gift giving requires a bit of time and thought. Whether your gift is for a client, boss, employee or co-worker, consider these tips and ideas before you start your shopping. Many businesses have established guidelines for giving and receiving gifts in the workplace. It’s always a good idea to review your company’s policies …

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Get Everything Out Of The Fall Holidays With Seasonal Flower Arrangements

Thanksgiving Centerpiece by Texas Blooms
Thanksgiving Centerpiece by Texas Blooms


Thanksgiving is a great holiday because of the food, the family, the festivities — and the flowers. No autumn feast is totally complete without a Thanksgiving centerpiece! Having a beautiful cut flower decoration or decorations can really spruce up the family table and make this year’s holiday memorable, whilst adding artistic quality.


There are a lot of things to consider when arranging seasonal flower arrangements. One of these is size. In general I like to make slimmer bouquets that are both elegant, vibrant, and spatially conservative; but for Thanksgiving, my philosophy changes. While you can never go wrong with a few small flowers, Thanksgiving presents a lot of images implying plentitude. The cornucopia, huge portions of food — the overall huge feast, a bigger bird than you would normally cook even for a family. As such, I like to express this in my arrangements.



As a florist in Austin, I have a good variety of customers, but a lot of them want the same things when it comes to seasonal flower arrangements. Below I will list a number of great options and tips for seasonal display.

Fall flowers by Texas Blooms
Fall flowers by Texas Blooms


  • Berries – add them in for texture and interest
  • Fall foliage – brings in outdoors in and burst of color
  • Fruit and Vegetable – apples, mini pumpkins and baby squash  are the perfect addition to any arrangement

What will your centerpiece look like?  Contact Texas Blooms and Gifts to assist you to make your holiday extra special!