Seasonal Guide to Flowers in Texas

As we journey through the seasons, different flora choose their favorite time of year to make their appearance, always unique to their location and environment. Here in Central Texas, the mountain laurel, tulips, and narcissus make their debut as the earliest bloomers of the year, usually in late January through February. After the threat of frost has passed, more delicate beauties come to life, like anemones, ranunculus, and iris.

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “What’s in season?” Every few months brings a new wave of beautiful blooms, offering a large variety of flowers for creating lush, fresh floral designs. In this seasonal guide, we want to lay out our favorite flowers of Spring and how we like to include them in our designs.


Also referred to as buttercups or windflower, anemones are a delicate bloom that can be found in many bold colors. One of the most popular varieties is panda anemones, with soft white petals and a dark navy center. These flowers are most well-known for their many mentions in Greek mythology. Anemones are perfect for creating organic, wildflower styles in vase arrangements or handheld bouquets, and just as precious in a lonesome bud vase. Truly versatile because of their beauty, just about any arrangement can be made better with anemones.


One of the truest symbols of Texas, bluebonnets typically bloom from March to May. The rolling fields found in the hill country are popular for photo backdrops – almost every native Texan has at least one baby photo sitting in a field of bluebonnets! We love using these blooms in wildflower arrangements or anything with a Texas theme.


One of the earliest bloomers of the year, daffodils are a sure sign that the Texas frost is almost over. Although they are most commonly yellow, some garden varieties are available in colors such as white, peach, and orange. Daffodils can turn any arrangement into a spring bouquet, especially when combined with other spring bulbs and blooms. Easter tends to be the most popular time to use daffodils, when they are in full bloom and before the sun gets too hot for the summer.


These fragrant flowers are known for their sweet scent and their ability to bloom year after year. Not only can you cut them for display in a vase, but you can actually save the bulbs. Once the blooms have died, all you have to do is dig up the bulbs, cut off the dead foliage and dry them for at least three days. Store them in a cool, dark place until next year, and replant for endless hyacinth!

Indian Paintbrush

Another Texas favorite, the Indian Paintbrush, or Prairie-Fire, is known to pop up alongside the bluebonnets on the rolling hillsides. It is a hardy bloom that lasts through early summer, and humble enough to pair with bigger focal blooms, like sunflowers.


A bloom that speaks ‘Spring’ wherever you see it, poppies will always be the star of the show in any arrangement. You can find their precious paper-thin petals in almost every color of the rainbow, but you may not know their colors until they pop! Poppy blooms stay covered in a fuzzy green cap until the petals inside become so compressed that they pop off their coat. For cut flower arrangements, poppies should be harvested before they pop for the longest shelf life.


Another versatile spring beauty, ranunculus blooms reveal endless petals in layers and layers of paper-thin perfection. As their buds open up, you’ll be amazed to watch them grow bigger every day. Ranunculus are available in an almost endless variety of colors, but some of our favorites are burgundy and pink. These delicate flowers are most popular in wedding arrangements and bridal bouquets paired with garden roses, peonies, and other fluffy focal flowers.

As each season passes, we look forward to every type of flower and foliage that comes available in its time. Although many farmers around the world now have the ability to grow certain flowers any time of the year, using seasonal blooms allows more opportunity for local farms to provide fresh flowers and ensures longer-lasting arrangements with fresh blooms. The next time you need a bouquet, don’t be afraid to ask what is in season or what is local in order to get the freshest seasonal florals.

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Celebrating Women’s Day with local women leaders in Austin

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Fall Wedding Inspiration – Brides, Bunnies and Bearded Dragons

Whether it’s lavish or low key, outdoors or in, weddings should have one thing in common: they should be memorable. Brides and grooms trust us wedding vendors to help them achieve their vision of a perfect day. With the right vision, the teams you hire will be able to make your wedding the best and most memorable one you’ve ever attended. However, creating that vision can be daunting without the help of your vendors and stylists. When you find the right people for the job, your vision can become a beautiful memory for the rest of your life.

Here at Texas Blooms and Gifts, we started with a vision – a fun, unique photo shoot of fall and winter florals with an Austin feel. We wanted a chance to showcase what we have to offer to newly engaged couples, and we had to really think about what would make our photo shoot memorable. Much like so many brides and grooms, we had to find the right vendors to make our vision a reality- and we didn’t have to look very far!

Our first task was to find the perfect venue, an Austin original with indoor and outdoor spaces that would highlight the seasonal feel we wanted. So many options were out there, but Vintage Villas ended up being the obvious choice for us, with not one but three ceremony sites and an inspiring potential for floral installations. Wedding venues with indoor/outdoor options offer a great backup for fall and winter weddings, when the Texas weather can be unpredictable (remember when it dropped to forty degrees in October?).

Their indoor space is large and open, with neat circular chandeliers that we accented with greenery.


The outdoor spaces were just as gorgeous, featuring the popular vine-covered arbor in front of Lake Travis and a tall, proud agave standing over the skyline. Here, we used a vintage inspired couch and table from Marquee Event Rentals to create the most beautiful Austin background we’ve ever seen!

austin wedding flowers texas blooms vintage villas

Something most brides and grooms don’t have to do is to find a bride and groom, but this was another task we faced. The lovely couple are actually dancers from the Fred Astaire Dance Studio just around the corner from our shop!   The chemistry between these two had us all convinced they would be saying ‘I do’ any moment.  Because who doesn’t want to to dance like this, Fred Astaire has customized Wedding Dance Instruction Programs to give couples both the confidence and skills to show off their elegance, style – and maybe even a little personality on the dance floor.

Our sweet bride, Hannah, of course needed the perfect makeup and hair artist for our special day. When Livia at All Dolled Up agreed to come on board, we started to really feel our vision coming together! With her skills, Hannah became a jaw-dropping bride right before our eyes.

With killer hair and makeup, what else could make our bride more stunning? Oh yeah… a drop-dead gorgeous bridal gown! Choosing a bridal shop was probably the easiest decision out of the whole photo shoot. Our friends at Blush Bridal Lounge eagerly agreed to be a part of this adventure and even chose to debut a brand new gown for our shoot! Designed by Martina Liana, this soft and creamy dress fit perfectly in with our vision and definitely made the lasting impact we were hoping for.

Now that we had all of our essential ingredients for the perfect wedding, we still had to bring in an element to truly catch the attention of Austin brides and grooms and inspire them with something unique. We’ve seen dogs with flower crowns, and even burros with floral wreaths. But how to incorporate our fluffy companions in a new way? We found the answer in a local mobile petting zoo. We reached out to Tiny Tails To You and asked if we could hire a couple of cute creatures to model for us on our ‘wedding’ day, and I think we were all a little too excited when they agreed! Our dashing groom got to make friends with a handsome skink, while our bride cozied up with a bearded dragon. An adorable hedgehog posed with our couple and almost stole a kiss, and we even got to snuggle with a couple of sweet bunnies!

Of course, all of this would be for nothing if we couldn’t share it with our followers. Our vision and our work had to be captured perfectly in order to give the right impression. With such an amazing portfolio and reputation, Cloud Craft Studios was our top choice for photographing our special day!

We didn’t stop with photos, though – we also asked wedding videographer Coleman Jennings to join us and create a video to highlight all of the moving parts of our day. These two couldn’t have done a more incredible job making permanent memories of our vision coming to life. You can watch the finished video here:

Lastly, our designers at Texas Blooms and Gifts put their brains and clippers together to create some of our most beautiful wedding florals to date. While the bridal bouquet serves as the heart and soul of wedding florals, installations and arbors are beginning to take precedence as the more impactful body of a wedding. Arches and arbors can transform any backdrop into a ceremony space, setting the scene and the mood all in one. Overhead installations are also very popular and add a fun and whimsical feel, like our greenery accents on the chandeliers in the great hall. We also wanted to utilize the indoor space for constructing a free-standing arch we could then attach florals to, which was one of our favorite creations out of the photoshoot. The bridal bouquets we built highlighted some of the richest colors found in fall and winter, with golden and burgundy amaranthus, mustard roses, and crimson lilies. We used different sized lanterns to accent ceremony spaces and add visual interest while also giving a touch of romance. Fresh fruit was even added into our table centerpieces for an earthy and organic feel.

Without a doubt, every element of this photo shoot was perfectly executed to make our vision a reality. We can’t wait to work with all of these vendors again in the future, possibly at a real wedding! We hope you enjoyed this look into our world and what we have to offer, and we encourage any engaged couples to contact us for questions or a consultation, and hopefully we can help you create your perfect vision. We are looking forward to all the challenges and adventures that await us in 2019!


By Grace McDonald

Austin, Texas

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