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You never know what will awaken your passion in life. You have to be ready to let go and be in a place where a job that pays the bills isn’t enough anymore.

For us, it began with a photograph — yes, a picture of Positano on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. When talking about the possibility of a trip to Italy and deciding where to go, it was my then-boyfriend/now husband, Casey, who pointed to a picture on my wall and said, “We should go there.” Before we knew it, we had booked a trip to see it for ourselves. I spent the first half of the trip racing to take in the spectacular views along the famous road that winds its way down the ankle of Italy’s boot. I was stressed out because I wanted to see everything, knowing it would be many years before I could ever experience this place again. But life is different there, and I soon found myself relaxing, settling into a slower pace and noticing that what we loved most was the way family, business, life and passion all intersected and overlapped, every day.

As we sat in a piazza, I took in the colors and fragrances of a nearby flower market, and I thought, “That’s what I want to do!” And so began our passion. Our first store, Amore Fiori, opened in Denver, Colorado. Recently having moved to Austin, we have branched out and continued our love for flowers with Texas Blooms and Gifts florist.

We bring our passion — the “love of flowers” — to Triangle neighborhood, Austin’s newest urban community. Texas Blooms is filled with captivating gifts, seasonal decor, plants, and a vibrant array of the freshest flowers.. In addition to being a neighborhood florist, we offer wedding flowers and corporate florist services as well. Be sure to ask about our specialty services and in-store events.Our passion is the foundation on which our creativity, our originality and, most important, our commitment to quality and service is built. You’ll find that what sets Texas Blooms apart from other florists is our attention to detail, our belief in truly personalizing your experience, and our determination to satisfy every customer and exceed every expectation.

Your own personal flower shop.

Whether you’re seeking a wedding florist, looking for flower delivery anywhere in metro Austin, wanting to find your own personal flower shop, or find someone you can trust for your special events or corporate floral needs, Texas Blooms is here to serve you — for every occasion, for everyday.


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