Be creative when choosing your wedding favors and find ones that go with any theme you have decided on!

Choosing a beautiful and unique wedding theme is essential if you want your wedding to be a truly special event for everyone there. However, that doesn’t mean you will have to match every single item of the Big Day to your wedding theme.

For example, there are a lot of fantastic wedding favor options that work marvelously regardless of the wedding theme you may choose. Here are some of our favorites:


  • Fancy wine stopper. Want guests to leave home with a household item that’s beautiful, original and useful? Look into the option of offering elegantly-designed wine stoppers. For instance, wine stoppers shaped as feathers can add a romantic and elegant touch to your wedding favors.



  • Gumball machine. If you want your wedding favor to be just a little playful and childish offer mini gumball machines. They are irresistibly cute, they are more than unique and they will be to the likes of all your guests – young and old alike.


  • Special playing cards. Are you and your fiancé big fans of card games and board games? Design unique and elegant decks of cards and offer them as wedding favors. Guests will really love these small attentions!


  • Goodies in linen pouches. Candy, special coffee beans or tea mixes, delicious cookies – there are a lot of items that can be “hidden” in personalized linen pouches. Plus, the pouches themselves can be used as jewelry and cufflink holders by the guests once the goodies inside are consumed – so everyone will surely appreciate such a gift!

Texas Flowers & Gifts can help you create the most stunning décor your guests have ever seen. With our experienced wedding florist’s services at your disposal, your Big Day will genuinely look like a dream come true!


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