How to Choose the best Mothers Day flowers

Your mom is such an amazing human being! Not only did she give you life and raise you to be an amazing person, but she is also the one who will stand by your side no matter what you choose to do in life. Of course, she deserves your gratitude and your warm “Thank You”. What are the best flowers to choose for her this Mother’s Day? We have some suggestions on how to choose the best mothers day flowers.

mothers day flowers

Classic Roses

Classic and elegant, roses have always been associated with motherhood (even in Ancient Egypt, when roses where always present at Mother Goddess’ Isis temples). Offer your mom a huge bouquet of roses and she will absolutely love it!


Beautiful Orchids

In the Far East China, orchids are seen as a symbol for many children – and thus, associated with motherhood, as well as with refinement and grace. No woman can resist the gorgeousness of a beautiful bouquet of orchids!


Colorful Tulips

Associated with spring, rebirth and charity, tulips are perfect for mothers. An oversized bouquet of tulips in your mother’s favorite color will surely melt her heart!


Lovely Lilacs

Symbolic for new love (and the main reason for which they are common at weddings), but also meaningful for the love a mother bears for her child, lilacs are a fragranced, delicate and beautiful option for Mothers Day flowers. Consider it!


Get Her Favorite Mothers Day Flowers

In the end, it’s all about what your mother likes. If she’s a big fan of gerbera or sunflowers, she will surely love to have these flowers in her Mother’s Day bouquet. Likewise, if she is the kind of mother who likes gardening, she will love receiving a small houseplant that can be transplanted outdoors.

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Photo Source: naritheole