Are you aware of the 5 top wedding flowers?

The flowers you choose for your weddings are not just another element of the décor. Very frequently, they make for the most important part of the décor and they contribute to creating the perfect ambiance at a wedding.

What are the top 5 wedding flowers brides choose to incorporate into their Big Day? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

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  • Garden roses. Wild and yet very feminine and romantic, garden roses come in a very wide range of colors – which makes them perfect for a lot of wedding themes and wedding color schemes too. If you want a delicate-yet-powerful touch into your bouquet or flower arrangements, settle for garden roses and you will not regret it.

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  • Peonies. Definitely among the most highly sought-after wedding flowers, peonies also come in a pretty wide range of colors. They are delicate, lush and they can be part of arrangements that are simply awe-inspiring in their luxuriousness and elegance.

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  • Hydrangeas. Playful and romantic at the same time, hydrangeas are very opulent and very fresh and breezy at the same time too. They can make for bouquets that are very rich and they can complement a good array of wedding themes.

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  • Dahlias. If you are searching for something bolder and more playful, dahlias are the answer. The vibrant colors, the almost-wild appearance and the high level of versatility make these flowers really appreciated by brides – so you will surely love them too.

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  • Ranunculus. Also known as “buttercup”, these flowers are slightly similar to roses, but they appear to be richer and they come in an even larger variety of colors. Moreover, they have a vintage appeal to them that makes them perfect for rustic chic, shabby chic and vintage-inspired weddings.

Regardless of what your favorite flowers may be, Texas Blooms can help you create gorgeous arrangements and bouquets for your Big Day! Contact us, tell us about the flowers you love and we will make sure to incorporate them in the most breathtakingly beautiful florals your guests have ever seen!


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