Are you allowed to have a mismatched bridal party?

mismatched bridal party

Your wedding party is more than important to you. These are your best friends, your closest relatives and the “witnesses” you have chosen to be your attendants on the Big Day. You naturally want all the best for them, whether the number is even or you have a mismatched bridal party.

Does that mean you have to have a matching number of bridesmaids and groomsmen? Or is it allowed to choose however bridesmaids and groomsmen you want? We have the answer for you – so read on and find out more.

Mismatched bridal party vs. etiquette

  • Because this is a modern wedding and because etiquette rules are a lot more relaxed than they used to be, you are definitely ALLOWED to have as many bridesmaids and as many groomsmen as you see suited. After all, it would be much worse to “add” to your numbers just to “even them up”…
  • If you are thinking that this will not look good at the ceremony, think again. There are many ways to make the mismatched bridal party number a lot less visible. For instance, you could ask them to walk down the aisle in an alternative way (one groomsman, one bridesmaid, and so on). Also, you could ask one bridesmaid to be walked down the aisle by two groomsmen (or the other way around, if that is the case). Last, but not least, you could ask them to take a seat at the altar or you could “mix” them among themselves too.
  • As for the photos, a mismatched bridal party number should pose no issue at all. In fact, your wedding album is bound to be a lot more creative and fun with unequal numbers of wedding attendants – and, with a good photographer, you can really pull this off.

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