It’s Fall — Y’all

fall flower arrangment
Festive UT balloons and flowers for your tailgate or football bbq

Fall, Halloween and football are upon us. Do you have your costumes, candy buckets and pumpkins ready to go? This is such a festive time of year here in central Texas. The weather is (maybe, if we’re lucky) starting to cool down. Kiddos and adults alike start playing outside again, safe from the threat of heatstroke. Dogs enjoy going on those evening walks. And of course, there’s Friday night football, bbqs, tailgating, and falling in love again with your sweetheart AND favorite team. Nice, right?

Now that you’re swooning over the season (AND your beloved), fall is also the time of the year when you’ll see some of the most beautiful, richly hued florals, foliages and berries. Potted chrysanthemums are making appearances on patios everywhere, next to cute pumpkins in varying shapes and sizes. In the cut flower department, dahlias, asters and sunflowers are vibrant, happy, reminiscent of young love.  Ilex berries, hypericum and pyracantha give us stems that are delightfully heavy with berries, plump little globules of orange, red, and cranberry, just tempting you to burst them with a delicate pinch. And foliage. Don’t forget the foliage. As in, the emblematic symbol of fall. What could be more perfect than the star shaped, reddish orange leaves of liquid amber (the name alone says it all), or copper beech, with it’s delicately shaped leaves in shades of bronze and burgundy, or agonis, feathery, burgundy-brown wisps that remind me of the weeping willow tree.

seasonal and fall decor
Spruce up any outdoor area with bright fall colors and flowers
Fall Flower arrangment
Beautiful fall flower arrangement – Fresh for the season

The list could go on, but I urge you to research some of these gems for yourself, then go out and seek them! Your local florist, like Texas Blooms and Gifts will have a variety of these on hand, and if not, you should request, no, demand that they get them in! The evenings are cool and refreshing now, and we might even have to bust out a hoodie or sweatshirt a few nights, but for as much time as we want to spend outdoors this season, remember to bring a little bit of that autumn beauty inside.




Whether it’s loose flowers that you can put in a vessel of your choosing, or an artistically arranged centerpiece, don’t forget to give yourself a treat this Halloween, and celebrate fall!