Lovely Wedding Linens from BBJ

When I first meet with a bride to create her wedding florals, I ask a ton of questions – what does your dress look like,  where is the ceremony and reception, what are your bridemaids wearing??  Another very important question is “what linens with you be using?”  Linens are so important to wedding florals as they are the backdrop onto which the centerpieces will be placed.  Linens set the tone of the wedding receptions from a formal affair to a vintage rustic gathering.

photo 1BBJ1I had a chance last week to visit with Jessica Spann from BBJ Linen in Austin, TX.   

WOW!  What a great opportunity to see the beautiful linens they have in stock.   We talked about what is trending for the season.  The rustic vintage look is still very popular but we are also seeing brides starting to mix in some glam!  One of my favorites and a linen that has been popular is the “Cameo Mystique” which is a blush sequins and just gorgeous!   BBJ’s “rythym” variety  is really unique!  It is available in several colors and the pattern and texture of the this linen add dimension and interest.  This linen has also been very popular.  If brides are looking to something in the “Color of the Year- Radiant Orchid”, BBJ has that too. Several shades of purple are available and stunning!

photo 2photo 3

Add a special touch to your table and add chargers!  BBJ also has a large variety of chargers and other linen accessories that can make any  wedding uniquephoto 5

Planning your wedding should be enjoyable!  BBJ Linen has wonderful linen room where brides relax, view the linens first hand and have them displayed on a table with all the adornments.  If you are looking for variety, unique and a high quality and service, reach out to Jessica, she is there to help!