DIY Winter Wreath Design

Holiday times are the perfect opportunity to dig into our crafting spirit and pull out handmade gifts for everyone we love, or even use our glue-guns and glitter to make a little bit of home decor. Whether it’s a gift for a friend or a cozy craft for ourselves, a holiday wreath gives the perfect warm welcome during the holiday season. Let’s explore how to build a lush, long-lasting wreath with simple ingredients that will spread homemade cheer better than a batch of cookies!

Tools you will need:


Wire cutters

Paddle wire

Wreath frame


Sheet moss

Winter greens


Pine cones


1. First, begin placing clumps of moss along the front of the wreath. Secure one end of the paddle wire to the wreath, and wrap the wire around the moss and the frame as you cover the frame all the way around.

2. When the frame is covered in moss, it’s time to start adding greens! Your branches of greens will need to be cut into small pieces, about 4-5” in length. These pieces will be bunched together in groups of 3-5 stems each, depending on how bushy the greens are. Secure the bundles together with wire, leaving a few inches of wire at the end for attaching to the wreath. You will need about 10-15 bundles for a standard 14” wreath. Begin securing your bundles to the frame, poking wire through the moss and twisting the wire on the back side.

3. All the bundles should point one direction, and as you lay them over each other, the end of the stems will be hidden by the leaves of the next bundle. 

4. When your wreath is covered, it’s time for toppings! Pine cones and ornaments can be easily attached with wire. Wrap a length of wire around the base of the pine cone, securing with a twist. Leave a few inches of wire to use for attaching to the wreath. Poke the wire through the moss and secure to the frame the same way the bundles were attached.

When using fresh greens, it’s best to let your wreath sit flat for 24-48 hours while the moisture evaporates from the leaves. The wreath will dry a little, but still hold its color and shape when it’s ready to hang on your door or wall. Leaf shine can be used to add a clean sheen to the wreath if it starts to look dusty or dull.

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By Grace McDonald

Austin, TX