Classic Blue – Pantone 2020 Color of the Year

One of the things we look forward to at the beginning of every new year is the announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year. Designers of every type – graphic designers, florists, and artists – all rely on Pantone’s color guide to effectively communicate color and achieve color consistency across various types of design. In years past, we’ve seen vibrant and exciting colors like coral and ultra violet designated as color of the year, but 2020 promises to be cool and calming with classic blue.

Blue flowers are not as uncommon as some people might think. Although we may not have blue roses in our flower shop, there are plenty of other choices for blue flowers that are all gorgeous. We’ve picked out a few of our favorite blue blooms to share as inspiration for your Classic Blue 2020!


These delicate beauties typically bloom from the spring into late fall, and they’re also “bashful.” When it gets cold, anemones will close their petals up, and open once they’re warm again. We love using anemones in garden-style spring arrangements, simple bud vases, or as a focal bloom in wedding bouquets.


Somewhere deep in the heart of Texas, there is a lovely flower farm called Grassdale. We love buying local flowers, and Grassdale offers  something very special to Texas Blooms – Bluebonnets! These blue beauties give such a unique feel to any bouquet, and are a huge hit whenever we get them in the spring and early summer.


While eucalyptus is technically foliage and not a flower, it’s still one of our go-tos when people need a hint of blue in their bouquet. It’s elegant and incredibly versatile, available in a number of different styles. Even a bundle of eucalyptus alone in a vase brings life to any space!


Many people recognize fluffy hydrangeas or have seen them growing in gardens. We love the variety of colors we get from hydrangea – everywhere from green to pink! What many people don’t know is that the color of hydrangea is determined by the pH level of the soil it’s grown in. Acidic soil yields blue and purple blooms, while an alkaline soil will promote more pink-ish hues.


This spring bulb has a huge number of varieties that determine color and style, and are available in almost every color imaginable – even black! Our most popular iris, though, is classic blue. We love using these blooms in garden-style arrangements in the spring. 


Another one of our go-tos when something needs a pop of blue is thistle. It’s hardy and dries well for those who like to preserve flowers, and definitely won’t wilt on a hot day. It also looks pretty wild and works in wildflower or garden-style bouquets and arrangements. It really shines in rustic dry arrangements along with pampas grass and dried baby’s breath!

Not all of our favorite blue flowers are available year-round, but we’ll be sharing what’s in season all of our favorite designs on our Instagram and Facebook, and of course, here on our blog. We’re waiting for the opportunity to use all of these flowers this year so that we can share the beauty of blue! 

By Grace McDonald

Austin, TX