Trendy Ideas for Your Spring Wedding Bouquet

spring wedding bouquet

Winter is finally releasing its icy grasp upon us, and with Spring right around the corner, it’s time to create your Spring wedding bouquet! The world is brightening up as buds begin to show, blooming into beautiful flowers, the sun warms the air around you, and all your favorite Spring blooms make their debut. It is certainly a wonderful season to host a wedding!

But, do you know what Spring flowers would be perfect for your wedding bouquet? There are many lovely options, and it’s important to know where to start.

Here at Texas Blooms & Gifts, we believe that every bride deserves the perfect bouquet. That’s why we have put together a few trendy ideas for your own Spring wedding bouquet.

Spring Wedding Bouquet Ideas

  • Welcome back sunshine. After being touch and go for much too long, the sun is starting make more of an appearance every day. The days are growing longer and warmer. You can bring your own sunny cheer with a vibrant, yellow bouquet, filled with blooms such as tulips, lilies, roses, or calla lilies. A white and yellow color palette will help you welcome back the sunshine as you tie the knot.

  • A luscious display. While you can of course sport a tight posy bouquet, know that it is not all that you are limited to. You can create a grand, abundant bouquet that will welcome many blooms from your walk down the aisle. Comprise yours with lush greenery and big blooming flowers, as it will complement nature gorgeously.

  • Appreciating the classic Spring blooms. Perhaps one of the most anticipated flowers to return in Spring are the tulips. They decorate gardens and vases all around you. You can bring this classic spring flower to your own wedding bouquet. The best part? Tulips are a simple beauty, that also happen to come in many wonderful hues, such as purple or yellow. Spring is the time for new life, so why wouldn’t the classic Spring flower be perfect as you begin your own new life?

With so many beautiful options for your Spring big day, these are just a few to help inspire your wedding bouquet. Here at Texas Blooms & Gifts, we believe that a great bouquet is crucial for such an incredible event. If you are ready to begin working with an Austin, Texas wedding florist, feel free to contact us today.