8 Reasons Why We Love Latika Handmade Soaps

handmade soaps


A move toward local, handmade products is growing in popularity across the country, and in Austin, we have a love for our local artisans and their all-natural, homemade products. At Texas Blooms and Gifts, one local business we love in particular is Latika.

Latika produces a wide variety of all-natural skin and lip care products. We are proud to offer several Latika handmade soaps that help to make your skin feel silky smooth. Here are eight reasons we love Latika handmade soaps:

8 Reasons We Love Latika Handmade Soaps

1. They’re All-Natural

Each Latika handmade soap is all-natural and made with plant-based glycerin and essential oils. They are SLS and paraben-free and contain a mixture of skin nourishing solutions that purify skin and leave it feeling soft and moisturized. Plus, each of their products is packaged in environmentally-friendly packaging.

2. They’re Locally-Made

If there’s one thing Austin loves, it’s locally-made products. All of Latika’s products, including its handmade soaps are handcrafted in Austin, Texas. Each soap is hand cut, stamped and packaged in store!

3. They’re Made With High-Quality Ingredients

All of Latika’s products are made to nourish and replenish skin. They consider quality to be the most important ingredient and carefully craft and test each product (never on animals) to ensure the best results.

4. They’re Good for Your Skin

Latika’s handmade soaps are extra moisturizing because they contain high levels of glycerin content, which helps to keep skin nourished. The Olive Grove bar is made with olive leaf extract and detoxifying sea clay to remove toxins from the skin and keep it moisturized. The Tea Tree, Honey and Turmeric soap can help fight acne, and the Guava and Goji Berry soap contains poppy seeds to exfoliate skin.

5. They’re Delicate on Sensitive Skin

Skin comes in all types. Luckily, Latika knows that some skin is more sensitive than others. Their Milk and Honey handmade soaps are designed with sensitive skin in mind. Oats provide a gentle exfoliation, while the milk and honey moisturizes and nourishes skin. In fact, it’s so gentle on skin, Latika even calls it “a hug for the skin!”

6. They Smell Great

Each Latika handmade soap is made with natural ingredients that are not only good for your skin, but they also leave your skin glowing and smelling great. The soaps are available in floral and herbal scents that help calm you down and refresh while you cleanse your skin. Latika also offers several designer soaps that come in fun shapes and scents, such as cupcake or ice cream!

7. They’re Great for Gift Baskets

In addition to handmade soaps, Latika also offers a variety of natural lotions, lip balms, lip scrubs and bath bombs in a variety of floral and herbal scents, including rosemary and mint. Pair together the lavender handmade soap with lavender body creme, lip balm, lip scrub and bath bombs to create a relaxing “spa” gift basket!


8. They’re All Available at Texas Blooms and Gifts

handmade soaps


The best thing about Latika’s handmade soaps? They’re available at Texas Blooms and Gifts! We offer a wide variety of Latika’s all-natural products. You can put them together in a luxury gift basket and pair them with a fresh-cut floral arrangement. They’re the perfect gift for saying thanks, as a congratulation for a wedding or even an everyday gift!

Check out our wide variety of floral arrangements and find the perfect gift for your friend or loved one at Texas Blooms and Gifts today!


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