Why You Should Try a White Poinsettia This Christmas Season

White Poinsettia


Red poinsettias have been associated with Christmas and the holiday season for years, but what about a white poinsettia this year? They are a great option when decorating outside the traditional red-green theme, and an added benefit is that they can be a welcome addition to your household foliage year-round!

Caring For Your White Poinsettia During the Holiday Season

A lot of people think these plants are finicky and hard to take care of. Follow these simple tips to ensure your white poinsettia maintains its beauty throughout the entire season from Thanksgiving through New Year’s:

  • Place your blooming plant in bright, indirect light
  • Choose a semi-cool location that isn’t too warm or dry
  • Water thoroughly, but don’t drown
  • Make sure there is adequate drainage to avoid root rot
White Poinsettia

Caring For Your Poinsettia After The Holidays

If you are ambitious about keeping your white poinsettia after the rest of the holiday decorations have been taken down and packed away, with the proper care, these plants can, and do bloom again. You can keep your poinsettia and enjoy its beauty all over again next year! When the flowers finally start to fall off the plant, follow the following steps:

  • Decrease regular watering (but don’t let it dry out complete)
  • Move the plant to a cool, dark area until April
  • Apply a houseplant fertilizer bi-weekly

When spring arrives, move your plant back to a sunny area and give it a good drink of water. After trimming back all the canes (branches) to about 6 inches from the rim of the container, repot the poinsettia into new container, using the same type of soil. An added benefit of this versatile plant is that, in the warm summer months, is that you can choose to keep it indoors, or place it in a sunny, protected area of your garden by just sinking the pot it’s in, into the ground. If you choose to plant your poinsettia directly into the ground, and you intend to use it again as part of your holiday decor, you will need to dig it up and place it back in a pot when you bring it in again the following fall.

Ensuring Your Poinsettia Blooms Again

When fall rolls around, if your plant has been part of your outdoor garden display, bring it back indoors. In order for your poinsettia to be in full bloom again by Christmas, they require about 12 hours of darkness every night. Follow these rules to guarantee another season of beautiful blooms:

  • Have your poinsettia in complete darkness for at least 12 hours a day. (It’s OK to place it in a closet or cover it with a box)
  • During the day, put your plant in a place where it can absorb at least 8 hours of light (but not direct sunlight)
  • The perfect environment to prepare a poinsettia to bloom is warm days and cool nights

Once you notice blooms, return to the care regimen outlined above to enjoy your beautiful white poinsettia for another holiday season!

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