We do not just sell flowers; we have jewelry too!


Jewelry is the perfect accessory to complete that cute outfit that you have put together, as it adds that little extra shine to your ensemble, catching drawing all eyes to the sparkle and shimmer that adorns your skin. Your complete ensemble, jewelry and all, will have you looking your best for any event, or even for everyday attires.

Jewelry also serves as a great gift for friends, family and even that special someone, and poses as a highly desired gift that can make anyone’s day just that much better. Jewelry is truly the gift that is great for any occasion and lasts much longer than a box of chocolates. You can feel accomplished as your friend or loved one walks around beaming with pride wearing that exquisite necklace that you bought for them.

Here at Texas Blooms & Gifts, we sell gorgeous Voz Jewelry, which provides the perfect collection for any occasion, so be sure to continue reading to learn about some of the options that we have here in our store:

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  • Metal Bracelets. Imagine catching a glimpse of a lovely, thin metal cuff adorning your wrist as you swipe your card at the check-out. It looks so at home on your wrist and it even has a happy little reminder to get you through the day. We offer thin, brass or aluminum metal cuffs that sport a quote of your choice.


  • Stamped Necklaces. Necklaces are a gorgeous way to adorn your neck, as they provide a statement to your overall ensemble. While most necklaces are lovely diamonds or pearls, you should stand out from the crowd, and opt for a stamped necklace! Stamped necklaces are gorgeous, as they reflect a different kind of unique beauty, from animals, to flowers and trees, you can find the perfect stamp that will reflect your overall style, and they also make for great gifts as well.

Jewelry is a normal part of everyday life and serves as the best way to take an ordinarily cute outfit and transform it into an edgy, fashionable look. Here at Texas Blooms & Gifts, we offer gifts from flowers to jewelry, so be sure to stop by or contact us today with any questions.