These 3 flowers have remained as the top choices for weddings throughout the years

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As a bride and groom, you surely want your wedding day to be a gorgeous occasion, and what better way to ensure this of happening than by adorning your décor with elegant flowers?! From the day you say “yes!”, to the day you say “I Do”, you should expect to be making a multitude of decisions, and the choice of flowers will definitely be towards the top of the list.

Connecting with your florist will be one of the first tasks you need to complete when it comes to the wedding planning, your floral arrangements are going to be the highlight of your ceremony and reception décor, and overall what ties all of the elements of your day together.

Before you meet with your florist and get asked the big question “What type of flowers would you like?”, you should narrow down your options by knowing the top flowers that have graced weddings with their beauty for decades:

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  • The lovely rose. Loved by many, and considered to be the most “popular” flower, roses are the number one option chosen by brides and grooms for their wedding day. Extremely versatile, roses make for a gorgeous choice for the creation of any floral arrangements.
    • From deep reds to bright yellows, roses come in many colors, so no matter what type of color palette you have chosen for your wedding, you can have confidence in knowing a rose will always be available in your choice.

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  • The vibrant tulip. Delicate and subtle, but bold in color, tulips offer as a simply natural flower, perfect for a classic wedding. Also, they are known for representing “letting love in” and “days of joy”, offering a meaning that is entirely suitable for a wedding.
    • Many couples opt for tulips for their wedding flowers not only because they are beautiful, but because they are budget-friendly too. Just because they are easy on the wallet, don’t think that they can’t enhance a room with their intimate beauty.
    • Remember to check and make sure that tulips are in season for your wedding if you plan to incorporate them

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  • The abundant hydrangea. Bold and bountiful, hydrangeas are well known for their voluminous appearance. From vintage to Victorian, these flowers are a gorgeous option to accompany any theme, making a gorgeous statement to the venue you have chosen for your wedding. If you are seeking a classic elegance, this is the perfect go-to choice!
    • Shades of color are a prominent reason why hydrangeas are so popular among engaged couples. From their most popular color, blue, to the hues of greens and pinks, you can find just the right color for your day.

Regardless of which flowers you choose to incorporate into your big day, you can have confidence in knowing that they will be out-of-the-box as Texas Blooms & Gifts provides anything but a cookie-cutter approach. From weddings to corporate events, we can provide you with gorgeous flowers for any occasion, so be sure to contact us today so we can begin planning.