Tips for Corporate gift giving

Sometimes corporate gift giving requires a bit of time and thought. Whether your gift is for a client, boss, employee or co-worker, consider these tips and ideas before you start your shopping.

PoinsettiaMany businesses have established guidelines for giving and receiving gifts in the workplace. It’s always a good idea to review your company’s policies and procedures before deciding to send gifts.  Also, think about cost. What do you want to spend on a particular gift? You don’t want your gift to appear small although you don’t want to go overboard either. Find a good middle ground in your price range and begin planning your gift from there. A few of the most popular and acceptable office gifts are flowers, plants and gift baskets.  All of these options look stylish while still being kind to your wallet.  Also, a discount may be available if you are buying multiple gifts!

Christmas FlowersWhen choosing holiday flowers for a coworker you should consider what message you are sending with your gift. You will not want to send MaryJo in Human Resources, a dozen red roses, because it could be construed as an inappropriate gift. However, if MaryJo received a beautiful Amaryllis or an arrangement of winter blooms during the holiday season, this would be quite appropriate and there would be no awkward moments in by the water cooler.  Another idea would be a holiday centerpiece.  Be sure to include long lasting flowers like winter berries, red roses, pine cones and holiday greens with candles nestled in the center. The recipient could use their gift as the focal point of their family table during a holiday feast or adorn their mantle.

Corporate giftsFruit and Gourmet Gift baskets are wonderful gifts to send to a business, team or group of people. Since there are so many selections and combinations available to you, it can be difficult to decide exactly what to send in a gift basket.  Determine what types of food your recipients enjoy and choose a basket that includes those items, such as a coffee and biscotti collection, Chocolate addict’s basket, or a gourmet snack or cookie assortment.    My favorite choice, also the most popular among customers, is a basket of all Austin or Texas goodies like Lammes’s candy bars and other local treats.

Gift giving during the holidays is a beautiful gesture that can brighten anyone’s day.  Although choosing a gift should not be done haphazardly, don’t rack your brain trying to find the perfect gift. Remember, it’s the thought that counts and everyone enjoys flowers!