Luxury Flowers: Holiday Shopping for Loved Ones

Luxury Flowers


When it comes to gift-giving, you can never go wrong with flowers. With a wide variety of colors and types, flowers are a great choice for any occasion! Now that the holidays are officially here, you’re tasked with finding the perfect gift for your loved ones and that’s where we come in. This holiday season, we recommend giving the gift of luxury with our wide selection of luxury flowers and bouquets.

Luxury Flowers


With over 150 varieties and thousands of hybrids, roses can be found in   

almost every color, each one holding a different meaning. For example, the symbolic red rose is attributed to love and romance, while the purple rose signifies enchantment.

From our Luxury Collection, here is our Astonishing arrangement:  

Luxury Flowers


A lot like the rose, lilies are also a luxury flower that is attributed to different interpretations. While lilies may not have as much as far as variety in color goes, each one represents a different meaning. The white lily symbolizes purity and virtue, the orange (otherwise known as the Tiger Lily) symbolizes confidence, pride and wealth and the yellow lily symbolizes thankfulness.

Below, is an arrangement of both lilies and orchids that we offer:

Luxury Flowers


Orchids have been a favorite for thousands of years for its exotic nature and beauty. With over 20,000 species it’s one of the most abundant of all the species of flowers. In general, the orchid is associated with love, fertility and elegance. The white orchid is often associated with innocence and purity, while the purple orchid represents royalty and admiration.

Our Defining Moments arrangement includes the fuschia orchid alongside succulents to create an elegant look that will certainly draw lots of attention:

Luxury Flowers


According to a Japanese legend, the hydrangea became associated with heartfelt emotion, gratitude for understanding and apology. The common colors of this luxury flower are:

    • Pink – symbolizes heartfelt emotion
    • Blue – symbolizes frigidity and apology
    • White – symbolizes boasting or bragging
    • Purple – symbolizes a desire to deeply understand someone

Here, we have a mix of calla lilies, yellow roses, Bells of Ireland and hydrangeas, which is recognized for its modern elegance:

Luxury Flowers
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