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We all use soap, it has been a part of our daily lives has humans for decades, as it is an essential to our personal hygiene. However, did you know that soap does not only come in the simple form of a lightly scented bar, that can easily dry out your skin? There are actually soaps handcrafted here in Austin Texas, by Austin Natural Soap, created with only quality plant-based oils, for luxurious moisturizing!

Luckily, we sell Austin Natural Soaps here in our store at Texas Blooms & Gifts, and all of the soaps contain base oils of olive, palm and coconut with vitamin E, with the addition of super-fatting oils, such as cocoa butter or almond oil, which will leave your skin feeling clean, smooth and soft, with no lotion needed!

Not only are Austin Nature Soaps handmade, vegan and herbal, but they are crafted locally, and purchasing from locally owned businesses allows you the opportunity to give back to your community. Each dollar you spend within your locally owned businesses will continue to circulate throughout your community, creating more jobs, dedicated services and the opportunity for your town to stay unique, so be sure to continue reading to learn about a few of Austin Natural Soaps that we carry:

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  • Herbal soaps. Essential oils are what creates a bar of herbal soap, and they are organic substances that are produced in various glands and sacs with aromatic plants. You can find essential oils within flowers, leaves and fruits, for example, so all-natural is what you can expect! From Lavender to Rosemary Mint, there is a lovely aromatic scent to heighten anyone’s sense of smell, leaving you feeling fresh and fragrant.

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  • Fragrance oil soaps. Offered in scents such as Texas Peach and Lavender Vanilla, fragrance oil soaps are scented with aromas that are not available as plant extracts. After deep research, Austin Natural Soaps has discovered select fragrance oils for their fragrance oil soaps, creating a beautifully aromatic outcome.

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  • Au naturel soaps. Providing extra gentleness, au naturel soaps contain little or no scent, as well as no color additives, providing as an optimum choice for those with extraordinarily sensitive skin. You can find light scents, such as Lavender Oatmeal and Olive Oil, providing a subtle and lovely aroma.

Feeling clean and smelling fresh is something that we can all admit to enjoying, and with Austin Natural Soap, you can ensure this happens, in a safe and local way. Be sure to stop by Texas Blooms & Gifts today or contact us online, as well sell unique items, from soaps to flowers, so you can surely find a gift for yourself, or a friend!