Incorporate elements of Fall into your floral arrangements

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Fall can easily be described as one of the most wonderful times of the year. The hot summer air has cooled to a pleasant, manageable temperature, the leaves that adorn the trees are turning brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange, and everything looks absolutely beautiful as nature paints itself one last time before hibernating for winter. With all of this natural art, it is likely that you will want to incorporate it into your home and floral décor.

Luckily, there are many ways that you can incorporate elements of Fall into your floral arrangements, however, there are a lot of different aspects to consider when creating them, from creative vases and their size to the best flowers to use and which colors will best complement the season, so making yourself aware of some inspiration is crucial. Luckily, Texas Blooms & Gifts has compiled a list of helpful tips for creating your Fall floral arrangements, so be sure to continue reading to gather some inspiration:

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  • Vegetables. Vegetables are a great way to add a unique, “wow” factor to your floral arrangements, and no, we do not mean the green beans and spinach that looks so delicious on your dinner plates! Seasonal vegetables, such as pumpkins and squash, can make great additions to your arrangements.
    • You can eliminate the need to decide between which vase to use and how to incorporate a pumpkin into your arrangement by using a small pumpkin, hollowed out with some oasis foam, as your floral container. It is a natural way to incorporate pumpkin décor in your arrangement, and the same can be done with gourds and squash as well.

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  • Foilage. The season of Fall offers its own selection of gorgeous foliage that will look great in your Fall floral arrangements; there are a wide variety of vibrantly colored leaves and berries that are waiting for you to snatch them up before the first snow picks them off for the season.
    • Also, the trees all around you have vibrant colored leaves, ready to be proudly put on display, and you could probably even find some oak, crab apple or sweetgum branches to enhance your arrangements even further.
    • With Fall, it is important to remember that texture is key, so finding some foliage that adds that needed texture to your flowers, and still has elements of Fall, is crucial for pulling off a successful seasonal floral arrangement.

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  • Little Details. It is always a great gift to find beauty in the little things, and your floral arrangements can certainly portray a great sense of beauty with charming little details. From different displays of ribbon to creative vases, you can send your floral arrangement over the top with little details that add an overall grace to your flowers.
    • Incorporating festive ribbon, such as plum, crimson, orange and even gold, can add elegance to your floral arrangement and still keep Fall present.
    • Many different elements can also work as a Fall container, such as a cornucopia, hollowed out driftwood, small wine barrels and bronze containers, which will all look great with fall flora. So, it definitely pays off to think outside the box when picking one for your arrangement.

There are so many different ways that you can allow your creativity to shine through within your floral arrangements, for a beautifully festive outcome. Here at Texas Blooms & Gifts, we can help with all of your floral needs and would love to supply you with beautiful blooms for your floral arrangements, so be sure to contact us today as we can’t wait to begin planning yours.