Halloween decor can enhance your floral arrangements

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Halloween is such a fun holiday; Children get to dress up as their favorite superhero, creepy monster or movie character, as they are escorted around the neighborhood collecting tasty candy, and, we all get to embrace our inner child with costumes, arts and crafts and pumpkin carving. This wonderful season also has a lot of spooky and frightening elements to it too though, as ghosts, zombies, vampires, werewolves and mummies will decorate many of the homes and businesses you will see.

When it comes to decorating for Halloween, the good news is that you can incorporate the fun elements of the holiday into your floral arrangements. Here at Texas Blooms & Gifts, we enjoy bringing a sense of creativity to your flowers, which is why we have gathered a few ideas to assist you with incorporating Halloween into your arrangements, so be sure to continue reading to learn more:

  • Spiders and spooks. When you think of haunted house, you may envision yourself walking through the abandoned hallways, avoiding large webs with even larger spiders, and watching for monsters. You can bring that creepy crawly vibe right to your floral arrangements by adding suspenseful items, such as spiders, intermingled within your flowers. So, whether you choose to create your own foam spider with pipe cleaner legs, or those fun plastic spider rings that kids love, your piece of décor will look perfectly creepy within your floral arrangements.

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  • Ghostly elements. The ghastly spirit that decorates your home can also haunt your gorgeous blooms, ghosts! Adding a ghostly figure to your floral arrangement creates an eerie Halloween mood. Your ghost can take center stage as you decorate your blooms with fallen leaves and even pieces of straw, and, to add even more Halloween love to your arrangements, you can paint your straw black, for a creepy look, or any fall color that best complements your gorgeous flowers.

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  • Vase fillers. Of course, there are many ways that you can approach the vase for your Halloween arrangement; You can use pumpkins or trick or treat buckets as your vase, just to name a few. However, do not underestimate the potential of a clear glass vase, as you can fill it with candy treats as well, such as delectable candy corn or chocolate eyeballs, reflecting Halloween in a creative way.

There is an unlimited amount of potential when it comes to creating your Halloween floral arrangements, so get creative a bring a fun element to yours. Here at Texas Blooms & Gifts, we enjoy the holidays, and love creating floral arrangements to reflect them. So, if you are ready to start creating festive floral arrangements, be sure to contact us today, so that we can provide you with festive flowers for your space.