Grab yourself a Sarah Jane’s bag here at Texas Blooms & Gifts

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There are so many items that we tote around each and every day; We have our phones, keys, over-sized wallets, many credit and debit cards and not to mention all those other miscellaneous items that we need throughout the week. We have to jumble our keys with our phone as we put away our wallet, so It can get messy as we try and keep everything together and organized. Luckily, we have bags and purses to help us get through the day. Not only do we have bags to help carry our daily items around with us, but let’s not forget about our trusty makeup kit that gives us a warm glow and helps us take on the day…every item should have a place to call home.

Even if carrying around a bag every day does not sound like your cup of tea, sometimes it becomes a necessity to keep our most used items at our side for when we need them. Lucky for you, there are a large selection of bag types and stylish designs that are sure to make you happy to tote around, and you can find them here at Texas Blooms & Gifts, so be sure to continue reading to learn about our gorgeous bags:

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  • Cosmetic Bags. Whether you are a minimalist who enjoys the simple makeup such as concealer and blush or prefer the finer things in makeup such as contouring, eyebrow kits, matte and gloss lipstick, and so much more, you need a place to keep your cosmetics. We offer faux leather cosmetic bags perfect for your makeup needs. The best part, for those days where things get the best of you and you feel like you have to rush, our makeup bags never stain and those accidental makeup spills wipe right off. No matter your cosmetic tastes, your makeup deserves a trusty bag to keep it all together.

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  • Tote Bags. Not everyone can get by with a small shoulder bag or small cosmetic bag. For those lives that have a higher need of necessary items throughout their week, we offer a very stylish tote bag. So, do not compromise your daily items because you do not feel that your bag has enough room to tote them around. Grab one of our stylish tote bags and walk around town with confidence in know that you have every daily item that you need.

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  • Cross Body Bags. It can be uncomfortable for some to have a bag, weighing who knows how much, slung on their arm. However, do not write off the option of a stylish bag just yet if you happen to fall into that category. There is a cross body bag that lets your whole body bear the weight of your bag. Not only is it a more comfortable way to wear your bag that also gives you free use of both hands, but it is also fashionable. You can keep your bag close to you at all times, and, our cross body bag is equipped with a reinforced strap, lined with coordinating oilcloth interior pattern and two interior pockets, for extra support and space. Grab a comfortable cross body bag and continue to use both hands freely while also keeping your treasured items close to you.

No matter which bag bests fits your style, you will surely find comfort and luxury within our Sarah Jane’s collection. Here at Texas Blooms & Gifts, we not only offer bags, but flowers and other lovely items and gifts as well, so be sure to contact us today or stop by our store to pick up yours.