Fresh inspiration for a fresh new year

Fresh Inspiration

How would you like to start 2015? Are you a resolution person, or do you live out each day by the seat of your pants? Perhaps you do a little of both, for balance. In general (and not just at the new year) I feel like we should all strive to start with a clean slate, a fresh perspective. Surely, we want to eat better, forgive often, and take inspiration from all good things. I imagine a blank sheet waiting to be written on, waiting for new and different  colors to be splashed across this blank canvas every day. I aspire to take on this new year head first, with confidence and hope!

In reality, it’s wintertime. Which is fine living in Texas, but as a Texan, I find myself staying indoors if the temperature drops anywhere below 60 degrees. Brrrr!


One of my main sources of inspiration comes from the beauty and bounty of nature: plants, herbs and flowers. It’s easy to bring some of these elements from nature indoors, even when it’s cold outside. Have you ever considered a couple of potted herbs on your kitchen window sill? Mint in the winter is wonderful- it’s crisp, bright flavor fits right in with the season, and it’s lovely watching it grow, and then using it culinarily. Cut flowers are right up there as being hugely inspirational. Have you ever noticed how flowers instantly uplift the mood? How their fragrance makes one all dreamy and nostalgic? Our olfactory senses are strongly tied to memory. Having flowers around just seems to make everything better.

Despite the wintry days, there are plenty of beautiful flowers available in the winter! Tulips, iris and daffodils are just a few by name, and these beauties actually hold up better in the cold than they do when it’s warm out. Ornamental kale and cabbages are also readily available in the winter-these are quite unique and are gaining popularity, particularly with the all natural, organic look. White lilies are an all time classic winter favorite-their pure white tone will brighten up any room, and their fragrance is heavenly.

blooming branches

There are even some varieties of flowering branches coming in early this year. Flowering quince branches have wonderfully gorgeous blooms on them that come in a variety of colors, including pink, white and coral. Forsythia is a branch that has multitudes of bright yellow blooms all along it’s length, and can be as tall as 10 feet! A vase filled with any of these flowering branches is a simple, yet elegant way to bring fresh inspiration into your space.

Remember that now is the time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Also, don’t be afraid to do this many times over throughout the year, and whenever you wish! Take inspiration from the leafy, the delicate, the woody, the flowery, the fragrant–all of the elements of nature that are there for you. Stop by Texas Blooms and Gifts, your Austin local florist, for a fresh bouquet of flowers, blooming branches or a small gift for yourself- we have all of this and more to help you get your fresh start to a fresh year!