Floral inspiration from a beautiful wedding at The Mansion in Austin, Texas!

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Your wedding is your big day, so you will surely want each and every element to be absolutely gorgeous, especially the flowers! We recently had the pleasure of providing beautiful floral arrangements for a lovely wedding at the Texas Federation Women’s Club, also known as The Mansion, in Austin, Texas, and the outcome was stunning!

The setting that The Mansion provides is absolutely beautiful on its own, and the vintage and classy appeal is a true statement of the Texas Historic Landmark. Designed by Dallas, Texas architect, Henry Coke Knight, The Mansion is considered to be one of the most gorgeous examples of Georgian Revival architecture in Texas.

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Here at Texas Blooms & Gifts, we had the opportunity to adorn the already gorgeous Mansion in a lovely way with elegant floral arrangements and bouquets, and it was all captured beautifully through Ryan Green Photography from Austin, Texas, so be sure to continue reading for some inspiration:

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  • The beautiful bridal bouquet. As the bride, your best accessory is your bouquet! This bride had a vision of purple for her wedding, and we surely delivered that within her bouquet. The most prominent flowers, hydrangeas, roses and calla lilies, were all brought together in different hues and sizes for a personalized outcome, and it was stunning!

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  • The lovely centerpieces. Nothing is more eye-catching atop a table than a centerpiece created out of the most beautiful flowers. A silver goblet vase provided as the vessel for orange and purple roses, along with some greenery which gave off a fresh appeal. Not only were they gorgeous, but also a modern delicacy as well, which flowed perfectly with the theme of the wedding.

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  • The gorgeous wedding cake. Who doesn’t love a delicious wedding cake? Especially one that appears to be almost too good eat?! A sleek and smooth finish of buttercream was able to be gorgeously adorned with lovely flowers. Along with purple, this bride chose to incorporate hues of orange as well, and the outcome contrasted beautifully. Little blooms of orange and purple roses placed just perfectly among the tiers of the cake couldn’t have been more elegant.

Every couple has a vision for their wedding day, from the colors to the theme you certainly have many ways to allow each and every element to shine through within your floral arrangements. Here at Texas Blooms & Gifts, we understand flowers, from seasons, to types, to colors and everything in between, so we certainly know how to create the most gorgeous arrangements. Be sure to contact us today so we can begin planning the lovely flowers for your wedding or event.



Photo Credit: Ryan Green Photography