Ensure your Valentine’s Day flowers are properly cared for

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Receiving a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from your sweetheart can make your day. For Valentine’s Day, your partner may surprise you with a stunning bouquet that you are sure to love. Whether the flowers are gorgeous red, bright white, pretty pink, or vibrant yellow, they look lovely in your home or office and you would surely like to keep them that way.

After finding the right place for your bouquet, keeping them healthy and alive is a whole other task!

Here at Texas Blooms & Gifts, we love the romantic ambiance that flowers provide on Valentine’s Day. That’s why we want to ensure your flowers are properly cared for. If you want to make the most of your Valentine’s Day blooms, be sure to keep reading to learn more:

  • Daily checkup. It’s important to check on the health of your flowers daily. Keeping their water fresh and full, as well as keeping a healthy mixture of fresh water and floral feed is just a daily routine to keep your flowers looking fresh and lively.

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  • Re-cut stems. It’s important to keep up on the stems of your blooms. This is your flower’s main source to water so upkeep is crucial. Re-cutting your stems every few days is a great way to prolong your flower’s life. Cutting the stems about ¾” at an angle will optimize your flower’s water intake. Cutting stems isn’t the only step when sprucing up your flowers though, as removing any damaged or spent blooms are also necessary.
  • Flower food and fresh water. When you got your first puppy, your parents may have made you promise to keep up with their food and water every day. Fresh water and feeding them every day is a crucial part to owning a pet. Although your flowers aren’t completely equivalent to having a furry friend running around your home, they still need fresh water and food. Before you place your flowers into a vase, it’s important to wash it. Next, fill your vase with room temperature water and the perfect mix of flower food. Be sure to check that your vase is not home to any floating debris, such as leaves or stems, as this will encourage bacteria growth which can drastically cut down on your flower’s life.

Your partner looked hard for the perfect blooms to present to you on Valentine’s Day. Keeping them healthy and alive is a lovely way to show that you care and appreciate such a beautiful gift. Here at Texas Blooms & Gifts, we want to help you create the perfect arrangement of blooms. If you are ready to plan your flowers, be sure to contact us today.