Create your wedding with a touch of rustic charm!

Rustic weddings have been extremely in for the past few years – and we know why. They are charming, unique and casual, they make people feel comfortable and entertained and, ultimately, they are the kind of idea that really makes for unforgettable moments.


How to plan a wedding sprinkled with rustic charm? Here are some of the best ideas to inspire you:

  • The venue should be one of your top priorities. Rustic weddings look best in simple venues, surrounded by the elegance of nature and by a touch of freedom and wilderness. Barns, old-school mansions, as well as outdoor settings make for perfect rustic wedding venues.
  • The menu should also be inspired by the theme. Although some would be tempted to believe that a rustic wedding should be comprised mostly out of barbecue, the truth may be otherwise. Any kind of food you used to eat as a kid, in your grandparents’ house can be rustic! From creamy mashed potatoes to homemade pies, there’s a huge variety of rustic-inspired foods everyone will love.

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  • When designing the tables, remember to keep it simple. A beautiful table linen, enamel-covered aluminum cutlery and a simple glass with no ornaments will make for the best table design at a rustic wedding!
  • Also, remember to play with texture as well. Wood and iron are essential elements of a rustic background – so integrate them into your wedding with the help of repurposed items and small décor touches.
  • Last, but definitely not least, don’t forget to add a fun element too. A wooden boat filled with ice-cold Coca Cola, horseshoes as motifs, wildflowers – they can all add so much to your rustic event!

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