Create your everyday flowers to represent the gorgeous trends of Fall

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It is about time to put away those tank tops and grab your warm sweaters, when the air is finally cool and crisp, and we can walk down the street and see the that trees are starting to display their gorgeous colors before they shed their leaves. Fall is right around the corner, and there is no better way to beautifully embrace it than by creating flowers the emanate the spirit of harvest season.

Take a break from the classic red roses when sending your loved one’s floral arrangements, as you can create elements that will keep heads turning and warm their hearts within the chilly weather. Try something other than those cute, pink and white daisies when decorating your home this fall, and bring the true essence of autumn with a lavish fall arrangement that greets you and your guests with festive cheer!

If you are curious as to how you can create beautiful floral arrangements that represent the season of Fall in a gorgeous way, be sure to continue reading, as Texas Blooms & Gifts has gathered that top Fall flower trends for you to view:

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  • The texture within your fall arrangement will be a huge factor that allows your flowers to reflect a true autumn spirit. From your flowers to your foliage, incorporating interesting textures will take your arrangement above and beyond.
    • Your arrangement can use a myriad of textures, from silky tulips, baby’s breath, velvety foliage, geraniums and rose hips, just to name a few.
    • Do not be afraid to try textures that may seem odd, as they can result in the most unique and awe inspiring arrangements. Most importantly, use a combination of flowers, which will create a look that is anything but plain.

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  • When you glance outside at the change that autumn is creating, you see a vibrant collection of deep and dramatic hues of red, yellow and orange. When trying to bring the Fall spirit to your floral arrangement, it is important to capture the colors of the season.
    • Using deep, rich colors, such as red, copper, brick, orange, tangerine, yellow, mahogany and pomegranate, will add that classic autumn vibe to your arrangements.
    • A few ideas of flowers in these hues that will be beneficial to your arrangement are peonies, dahlias, mums, hydrangeas, proteas and sunflowers. Color is important for making your fall floral choices pop and showcase the autumn season.

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  • Fall is such a beautiful season that marks change, which means that it is time to change your classic glass vases to a more appropriate container for your Fall flora.
    • Your intricate flowers deserve a container that is just as unique as them. Try using a simple copper pot, wicker basket, metallic vase, repurposed containers, wooden box and even a serving tray…the possibilities are endless!

When creating your Fall floral arrangements, remember that there are so many great attributes to the season that provide you with a lot of artistic freedom. Here at Texas Blooms & Gifts, we create unique floral arrangements that are personally created specifically for you, so be sure to contact us today to begin planning yours.