How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

wedding bouquet

You certainly have many details to plan for your big day, and not just for the venue and décor. While your partner and their half of the wedding party will be showcasing their own lovely blooms, you will be walking down the aisle with a gorgeous bouquet of your own. There are so many flowers, styles, and even shapes that you can implement within your wedding bouquet, so that it can be unique to you.

As a bride, your most prominent accessory walking down the aisle (besides your dress) is going to be your wedding bouquet, which we take pride in finding the perfect flowers and developing them into your bouquet.

Here at Texas Blooms & Gifts, we believe that every bride should be armed with the perfect bouquet on her wedding day. That’s why we have put together everything you need to know about choosing your own wedding bouquet. Check out some of Texas Blooms’ lovely bouquet options:

  • Complement your wedding theme and color: Your wedding theme and color will also greatly influence your bouquet. If you are having an all-white wedding, you will likely want to feature all-white blooms. Or, if you are featuring a lovely Winter wedding, deep reds and white would work wonders for your bridal bouquet. Here is a gorgeous bouquet that would stun your guests:
    • Bold colors: Add a bold appeal to your walk down the aisle with powerful flowers! Purples, blues, and reds are ideal colors to showcase a bold accent against your white wedding dress.
  • Consider your taste and personality: Your personality and taste come into play in every detail of your wedding. If you are smitten over a bouquet style and a particular flower type, you most certainly can feature them within your big day, budget permitting of course. If you want to reflect romance throughout your bouquet, we have the perfect option for you:
    • Emit elegance: For a more traditional and elegant bouquet, consider hydrangeas, peonies, and roses. The combination of blooms will have you showcasing tradition as you walk down the aisle.
  • Allow your bouquet style to fit in: Your wedding has its own style, but so does your dress. Whether you chose a princess ball gown or a rustic high-low gown, your bouquet will certainly need to fit in with the overall bridal image you are trying to create. From round to cascading, you can talk with us to see which bouquet style will work best with your gown, such as this lovely bouquet:
    • Greenery: If you are seeking a way to allow your flowers to pop with color, consider incorporating greenery into your bouquet! It is certainly ideal to utilize for an outdoor or rustic themed wedding.

Texas Blooms & Gifts would be honored to help you pick the perfect flowers for your Austin wedding. If you are looking for the best Austin, Texas florist to decorate your big day with blooms, feel free to contact us today.