Celebrating Women’s Day with local women leaders in Austin

With each passing year, more and more women are rising to leadership positions, overcoming the gender disparity in almost every professional field. For International Women’s Day, we want to highlight and celebrate certain women in our community who truly inspire the women around them. To celebrate our CEO Sisters and Lady Leaders, we decided to share stories from some of our working partners who really stand out to us in their industry.

Women's Day One of the first places we decided to look for inspiration was to the University of Texas’ Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, which has served as a place of community and support for women on campus for over 115 years. Thetas have strived over the years to develop leading women and to provide them with opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. Philanthropy has been an important part of allowing these women to give back to the community, and in 2018, they raised over $10,000 for CASA of Travis County, a local organization which offers support to victims of child abuse in the Austin area.

Women's DayCaroline Blaylock, the current president of the Kappa Alpha Theta – UT Austin chapter, feels the sorority offers a natural support system for women in college and helps them build deeper relationships and connections with other women, something that is especially important for incoming freshmen. Theta members hold each other accountable and set certain standards for themselves and the organization as a whole. There are 30 different offices for the sorority held by its members, something Caroline says gives the sisters opportunity to participate in different levels of leadership, offering great practice before becoming a leader in the real world!


Another source of inspiration for us comes from Cindy Lo, the owner of Red Velvet Events Women's Dayand their top event strategist. She says that a combination of stubbornness and passion led her to the ‘Happy Accident’ of starting her business, which has now been operating for 16 years. Fighting her way through three rejections before she had any formal experience, her genuine interest and love for her work inspired her to persist even when she made mistakes.

Since Cindy works in an industry that is mostly comprised of women, she uses her voice and her work ethic to stand out amongst others. She says she always speaks her honest opinion and is willing to tackle any challenge, while also avoiding gossip and making an effort to lift up other women around her. Her advice to aspiring business owners is to give your 200% effort to your passion and treat it like a real job, not a hobby.  Although it’s important to stay humble, you will need to get comfortable with self-promotion. She says to do what you need to do for your business and success will follow!

We are so lucky to work with amazing and inspirational women each and every day at Texas Blooms, and our community is full of amazing women and their accomplishments. We hope we’ve inspired more people to acknowledge and celebrate the awesome women in our lives this Women’s Day!

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