Bulb Flower Care: How to Take Care of Your Spring Bulbs

With winter behind us and spring in full swing, it’s time to pull out those gardening gloves and provide the right bulb flower care for your garden.

bulb flower care

Digging in the soil, growing gorgeous blooms, and adding a lovely floral touch to your home, gardening is such a wonderful pastime.

Planting seeds, transferring bulbs, and even bringing those fresh cut flowers into your home, your garden requires the proper bulb flower care to provide you with lovely blossoms.

In order for flowers to be gorgeous, they need the right care. That’s why, here at Texas Blooms & Gifts, we have put together a few tips to help you care for your own spring bulb flowers. If you want your hard work to be displayed within your home, be sure to keep reading to learn more:

bulb flower care

  • Having the right tools for the job. Cutting your blooms is just as important as taking care of them after being cut. A clean snip of the stem is crucial for a long and healthy life for your blooms. Ordinary household scissors won’t get the job done, as they weren’t built to handle cutting objects, such as flower stems. Clean, sharp tools are necessary to make a clean cut that will keep your flowers flourishing. You wouldn’t want to damage the stems and prevent them from absorbing water or plant food.

bulb flower care

  • Knowing the right time to cut your flowers. Cutting your flowers is also another very important detail that can help your blooms live longer after being cut. There is actually a time of day in which it is best to cut your flowers. After a long, cool, night, your blooms have had the benefits of the cool air. That makes early morning the ideal time to cut your blooms as they have also had the benefit of morning dew. Waiting too long into the day exposes them to warm temperatures, potentially dehydrating them. As a side note, it’s helpful to have a bucket of water on hand when cutting your flowers.


bulb flower care

  • Life source for your flowers. When it comes to the life source of your flowers, such as the water and preservatives, flowers do well with proper care. When cutting your flowers, professional florists recommend lukewarm water, about 100 degrees F to 110 F. The exception to this rule is for bulb flowers, such as tulips and hyacinths, which need cold water. To keep your flowers fresher, longer, you may have considered using preservatives. This is a wonderful idea, and you can even make your own preservatives at home. With one teaspoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of household bleach, two teaspoons of lemon juice, 2 teaspoons of lime juice is also acceptable if you are short on lemons, and finally, one quart of lukewarm water.

Your fresh cut blooms are a lovely addition to your home. You can care for them with these bulb flower care tips. If you are looking to fill your home with gorgeous flowers, come and visit our Austin, Texas florist, Texas Blooms & Gifts. Be sure to contact us today to begin planning your lovely arrangements.


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